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Technivorus Cybersecurity Solutions are diversified to suit any business needs. For Enterprises we offer cutting-edge platforms to counter the most sophisticated attacks while monitoring and maintaining compliances. For SMBs we deliver cost-effective and risk-based solutions to provide true ROI and Business Resiliency

Artboard 1 P r ocess A u t omation Our p r ocess and Industrial A u t omation personnel a r e t r ained t o of f er a b r oad scope of se r vices t o meet or e x ceed y our p r oject goals. aiAttack Experience the Wrath of our Pentesters, to protect from Real Attackers. Technivorus Red Team offers unparalleled skill set and Breach capability to make sure you are protected from most elusive of APTs aiRespond Automated Response with custom Playbooks, 3 Tier Incident Response and Forensic Investigation aiDetect Continuous Monitoring to detect incidents in real-time across all environments using AI/ML. PEOPLE PROCESS TECHNOLOGY MSSPs promise, we deliver! Feel the difference These 3 Pillars change your Security Posture from Reactive to Proactive. aiProtect We develop necessary protections to reduce attack surface and stop the attackers before it even begins aiComply Our Compliance engines continuously track policies, accesses and assets at granular level to make sure you are always compliant with inbuilt 30+ Compliance frameworks.

Our Services

aiRaptor NG SOC

Let us worry about your security! While you take care of your business.

Complete end-to-end Next-gen SOC-as-a-service platform which offers SIEM+SOAR+NTA/NBAD+IDS/IPS+AI/ML+VA+TI+EDR along with 24x7x365 Monitoring by Expert Security Analysts without hefty procurements, commitments or skills

Get everything you need to Defend yourselves against myriad of attack vectors


Take control of your Governance, Risk and Compliance Strategy.

Our governance, risk and compliance services focus on the risks that threaten your organisational well-being and commercial value, but also the risks that you can take to create competitive advantage and new value.

We provide a range of audits to help you plan your security effectively. They can be deployed in a passive audit only mode or, coupled with our Managed Services team, delivered in line with your corporate information security policy.

Some of the key benefits;

  • - Significant cost savings – UPTO 80%
  • - Leverage systems and capabilities that are proven and used by many other organizations
  • - Time-to-market is short — days and weeks, not months and years.
  • - Proven, secure, and highly scalable architecture — capable of handling any workload requirement

Get Free Assessments for PCI-DSS, NIST CSF, GDPR, ISO 27001, HIPAA, CMMI, CIS CSC

aiRaptor NG SOC

The evolving tools, tactics and procedures used by cybercriminals to breach networks means that it’s important to regularly test your organisation’s cyber security.

VAPT helps to protect your organisation by providing visibility of security weaknesses and guidance to address them. VAPT is increasingly important for organisations wanting to achieve compliance with standards including the GDPR, ISO 27001 and PCI DSS.

Our Red team utilizes modern adversarial techniques and intelligence, red teaming simulates the approach of real-life adversaries to test an organisation’s ability to detect and respond to persistent threats.

As an award-winning and CREST-accredited provider of offensive security services, Technivorus can be trusted to meet your VAPT requirements. Our security consultants are among the highest qualified in the industry, so you can be confident that a Technivorus VAPT engagement will provide the outcomes and complete post-test care needed to level up your organisation’s cyber security.

Ransomware Protection (Advanced aiXDR)

Ransomware is the most deadly and frustrating attack vector for all business alike. Small businesses are at greater risk of infection as protection is usually sparse and there is lack of backup processes, if any. For Enterprises, Ransomware can bring disruption to services, Data breaches, Hefty Ransoms and Reputation Damage.

Technivorus Managed aiXDR Detects and Prevents from most sophisticated Ransomwares by incorporating 3 layer protection.