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Inbound Call-Center

Your customers deserve to have a world-class customer experience.

Technivorus offers industry-recognized, outstanding customer support. Whether inbound contact is made by phone, email, social media, a website, or a live chat box, customers hope to reach a live agent at any time they seek you. Being responsive to any inbound request is key to the quality of customer service that your rivals envy.

Our range of Inbound Call-Center services;

  • Customer Support
  • Help Desk Outsourcing
  • Lead Qualification
  • Consumer Response
  • Virtual Receptionist Services and many more

Outbound Call-Center

Are you hunting for an outbound call center, which can help you in meeting your organization’s goals?

If that’s the case then you need a team of professional outbound customer support agents that clearly knows how to adapt to your company’s needs and treat your customers right. And who to think of more capable than Technivorus.
We serve your customers with top-notch outbound customer support services with a high level of proficiency which our team has earned by assisting businesses across the world.

Our range of Inbound Call-Center services;

  • Database Development and Management
  • Help Desk Outsourcing
  • Customer’s query solution
  • Customer Follow-up Services
  • Data Validation Services

Technical Support

Technivorus owns prowess in providing highly efficient technical support services to companies across the world. Our innovative solutions shield our clients with plenty of benefits - from minimizing customer downtime to addressing issues rapidly.
We rely on sophisticated technology and highly experienced staff to deliver consistency and reliability.
Our technical support executives are trained and certified in a wide range of hardware and software solutions.

Our range of Inbound Call-Center services;

  • Technical support services (L1, L2 & L3)
  • Hardware and software application support
  • Configuration and new set-ups
  • IT support service
  • Ed-tech support

Multilingual Support

Are you ready to lose your potential clients just because the language of your client can not be spoken by your employees?
Technivorus helps you to increase your clientele and provide assurance of maximum customer satisfaction with our professional multilingual call center services by our team of experts who efficiently handle your customer’s issues in the language in which the customer is comfortable.
Currently, we are able to deliver support for over 15 languages.

Our range of Inbound Call-Center services;

  • Multilingual Tele Calling
  • E-mail and Chat Support
  • Inbound support
  • IT support service
  • Outbound support and a lot more

Live Chat Support

When users arrive on your website they are looking for ‘instant’ answers. The faster you serve those answers, the better you’ll convert.

With our dedicated outsourced 24×7 live chat agents manning your chat, you can rest assured that your customers will always get friendly, professional and personalised on-demand assistance in real time over Live Chat. Your customers will appreciate that.
Our live chat operators show them that you care and are willing to extend help proactively. With our fully managed outsourced Live Chat service, we offer you an opportunity for human connection that cultivates trust and boosts relationship with your customers, something that a website can’t achieve.
Another fringe benefit, our outsourced live chat agents can interact with more than one customer at a time, reducing wait time for your customers and costs for you without compromising the quality of the customer experience.

Email Support

If your organization is looking for customer loyalty, increased customer satisfaction and a competitive edge over competitors then your organization must be prompt in replying to email queries. Fast and accurate replies to emails can bring an increase in your business.


  • High-quality and professional email support services at a cost-effective price
  • Stringent quality control processes to ensure quality at every stage
  • Fast and accurate replies to email queries on a 24x7x365 days basis
  • Experienced, qualified and trained email support professionals
  • Quick turnaround time

Language Translation

Your business needs easy understanding of vocals and written documents. Since our world is globalising, your business too.
Getting medium of understanding in your native languages without letting your client or customer get forced to commute in your language, is the fast way to progress.


  • Voice-over
  • Text-to-voice
  • Voice-to-text
  • ...and many others

Rendered by native speaker of the required language.

Video Call/Chat Assistance

Technology has given rise to a multitude of communication channels that allow individuals all over the world to stay in contact.
Businesses around the world are already under pressure from customers to provide video chat services, with around 36% of customers willing to talk on video with a customer care executive. One of the driving factors behind this rise in demand is customers demanding their support channels to blend in with the devices they are using the most, i.e. their mobile phones.

Our Video Chat Customer Support Offerings;

  • Technical Video Chat Services
  • On-field Video Chat Support Services
  • Customer Video Chat Services

Some of the software we use;

How we work?

Work-process is the key of high performances


Establish & Define Relationship


Gather Client Information & Data


Data Analysis & Plan Development


Present the Plan


Adopt Plan & Create Action Plans


Monitor the Plan


We Don’t Just Hire, We Acquire

The success of any project in a call center is premised upon the people who work on it. Therefore, when we take up a project, our priority is to hire the right candidates with the right set of interpersonal skills, personality, technical knowledge and affinity for your brand.

Our hiring process align with the known preset of;

  • Understanding what we are hiring for
  • Defining skill set required to perform the job
  • Evaluating candidates
  • Selecting the right candidate for you

Acquiring the right candidate for the right job is the key to our quality performances.


We itself Are A Corporate Training Company

We understand that training the contact center agents right and helping them evolve in skills and knowledge, is the foundation of delivering superior services and maintaining continuity in your business.

We train employees before onboarding them to your process making them;

  • Define your business objective
  • Understand your process and business objectives
  • Centralized in knowledgebase
  • Attend regular instructor-led and practical training
  • Attend contual training on process quality

We have superior history of training corporates in IT and Non-IT. We create professionals in a friendly way


We Are ISO Certified

We have built an organisational culture where quality is the number one goal and hence, we invest considerable time, money and energy to ensure that we are consistently meeting your quality standards. We have a dedicated Quality team that works very closely with operations team (Subject Matter Experts, Trainers and Team Leaders) and bilingual call center agent who also perform daily monitoring and coaching sessions with agents to ensure objectivity and highest level of quality.

We gain it by;

  • Real-time monitoring
  • Post contact evaluation
  • Calibration session to narrow the difference
  • Regular feedback session and coaching
  • Rewards and recognitions for employees

We settle nothing less than the best


We Are Confident On Submitting Report

We provide daily specific statistics on your account for every individual interaction. Generally metrics monitored include Service Levels, Calls/Chats Offered and Calls/Chats Answered, Response Time, Wait Time, CSAT, Abandoned Percentage, Types of Abandons, Average Queue, Talk/Chat, Wrap and Handle Times, Total Queue, Talk/Chat, Wrap and Handle Times, Sales Closed/Leads Generated.

We report daily/weekly basis on;

  • Call records/transcripts
  • Delivery reporting
  • Customer reporting
  • CRM reporting

Reporting is gaining confident

Technology Usage

Technology eases the customer management process. We use the latest technology to upbuild the best quality experience of your customer towards your services.

Below are the technology we use to ease the process;

  • Omnichannel
  • Call Routing
  • CRM Integration for Customer Context
  • Cloud-Based Calling
  • Interactive Voice Response
  • Call Scripting
  • Escalation Management

The service must go on

Why outsource to Technivorus?

We are frontline champions in providing multilingual customer support.

We are ready for you. Anytime. Anywhere.

Native speakers

Bilingual agents

Omni channel support

24/7/365 capability

Local phone number

Flexible plans

In addition to providing the above services, we are here to help with all of your customer support needs.

Contact us today and let’s explore ways Technivorus can get you more deals.