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Adopted Cloud? But is it as secure as it can be?
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Making cloud adoption secure, easy & simple
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Now more than ever, you need to prioritize a “cloud first” approach to enable your company to transform at scale with the power of the cloud. But, as you scale up your cloud adoption, complexity gives rise to a myriad of challenges related to integration, configurations, monitoring, and security.

Technivorus is the one service provider that can bring everything together. From Cloud acquisition to SaaS Integrations to cybersecurity, our comprehensive cloud solutions offer every facet of the cloud journey worldwide or locally, in every sector and market segment.

Cloud Security Solutions

Securing your end-to-end Cloud Journey

Whether you are new to the market or a corporation trying to optimize cloud operations, our services can be adapted to your specific cloud requirements.

Cloud Integration
Enabling Fast, Secure, Real-Time & High-Volume Integration across applications, data, and processes throughout your organization.
Cloud Migration
Seamless end-to-end migration of every workload to the optimal platform, improving operational efficiency, scalability, and agility.
Cloud Transformation
Transform with Cloud to build the digital enterprise of tomorrow and to reduce cost, improve agility and enhance efficiencies.
Cloud Optimisation
Optimise your Cloud environment be it AWS, Azure, or GCP, and reduce your overall cloud spend by 35% to achieve cost-effectiveness.
Cloud Security
Secure your IT infrastructure from cybersecurity threats while saving money, deploying applications in a flexible way, and utilizing advanced analytics and visibility.

with the right framework and programmatic approach

Security: Driver for Service Cloud Adoption

Security is frequently perceived as the biggest barrier to a cloud-first strategy, but in reality, it can be its strongest enabler.
Proactive threat management
Dedicated and experienced cloud architects to ensure security deployment over your many endpoints
24/7/365 monitoring
Backed by constant 24/7/365 monitoring to address issues in real-time.
Data security
Protection of the entire data lifecycle – from creation to destruction with encryption, strong passwords, multi-factor authentication and tested backups.
Certified Analysts
Get the right cloud skills and expertise to help design and implement cloud cybersecurity best practices based on business needs and regulatory requirements.
Scalable and Cost-effective
Whether you’re experiencing a surge in legitimate traffic or in the case of an attack, we will provide you enough flexibility to avoid server crashes and avoid unnecessary costs during lean hours through up or downscaling.

The Technivorus Advantage

Reduce your cloud costs while retaining its benefits

Get the most from your cloud investment

Cost Saving
reduction in disk cost
reduction in infra cost
Efficiency Improvement

Support Tools

Connect your data seamlessly with your preferred systems. Our connectivity ranges from (but is not limited to)

Trend Micro
Sumo Logic
Palo Alto Networks
Check Point

Making Cloud Adoption Secure, Easy, and Simple
for the Business

Cloud Migration Consulting
Tata Technologies
USB Digi Cloud

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Moving to the cloud introduces a series of new challenges and
Technivorus’s Cloud Security Services can help.

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