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Data Privacy & Protection

Stay up-to-date and comply with the regulation in a constantly evolving threat environment and regulatory landscape with services in data privacy protection
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Protect The Privacy of The Datain Your Trust

Privacy is a brand issue that must be addressed. If an organisation collects, analyzes, or shares personal information, it faces data privacy issues that put its reputation at risk. Many companies seek approaches to properly manage personal information throughout its lifecycle as a result of better awareness of the implications of personal data collection and use, higher regulation, or new security concerns. However, you may be exposing your company to considerable commercial risk if you aren’t ready to comply with the expanding number of worldwide data privacy standards, such as GDPR.

We, at Technivorus Technology, cater to various privacy regulations like ISO 27701, GDPR, and regional regulations across the US, EU, and APAC.

Our Solutions

Business Review and Privacy Scope
Understand the system inventory and create a data map where the personally identifiable information (PII) is stored.
Privacy Risk Assessments
Assess an organization’s technical architecture and security program by conducting a penetration test and vulnerability assessment to understand risk management.
Privacy Program Development
Create a comprehensive privacy program that includes governance, policies, and processes for managing third-party risk, vendor management, and tools like a risk register.
Privacy Third-Party Advisory
Create custom privacy notices and get guidance on international data transfer mechanisms based on the needs of the vendors and third parties.
Privacy Incident Management
Examine appropriate cyber insurance and create an incident response plan in the case of a privacy violation.
Privacy Training
Assist organisations in developing and implementing general and tailored data privacy training and awareness programs to keep the team up to date.


The Technovirus’ Date Privacy Protection Services are beyond compliance towards customer-centricity

Technivorus Data Privacy Protection can assist in establishing policies that govern how the organisation collects and maintains data in order to decrease risk and fully comply with privacy standards worldwide.

With the Total Privacy Management Framework, Technivorus helps you understand, analyze, govern and control privacy from the strategic level down to the data level. We enable you to create a privacy management program- prioritize Privacy & Security to protect sensitive data and be operationally compliant, and demonstrate accountability.


Brand image, reputation, and client trust

Comply with

Complicated local, national, and global regulations and requirements


Privacy policies, statements, and operating procedures for better management


Business lines, security, human resources, legal, information technology, and management.

Key Capabilities

With the Total Privacy Management Framework, Technivorus helps you understand, analyze, govern and control privacy from the strategy level down to the data level.

The Privacy Office
To create a critical, centralized function to help in risk man agement.
Assessments and Gap Closure
To assess the GDPR and other regulatory preparation.
Strategies and Plans
So create privacy office plans and guidelines.
Data maps and flowcharts
To examine how personal data flows within and outside of the enterprise.
Vendor Management
To minimize third-party risk and obligations.
Audit support
To provide comprehensive assistance in the preparation of the audit.

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