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Are you ready for the next Ransomware Threat? Get Total Protection today!

Cutting EDGE endpoint detection and response platform for unparalleled visibility and automated remediations to protect against myriad of threats including advanced Ransomwares.
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93% of Ransomware infects
80% of connected systems in under 2 minutes.

Endpoint Detection & Response

Increase your endpoint security posture by adopting next-gen EDR solutions to leverage advanced Threat intelligence, Real-time IoC collaborations and behaviour baselining.

Managed Detection & Response

Take your endpoint security to the next level with Technivorus MDR solutions to get unparalleled visibility, automated remediations and 24*7 Monitoring.

Extended Detection & Response

Worried about APTs? XDR is the only solution that can help protect you from advanced exploits and kill-chains. Leverage the power of SOAR+UEBA+NBAD with integrated AI/ML verified alerts for zero false positives along with 24*7 Monitoring by Certified Analysts.

aiRaptor XDR Only Platform You Need to Increase Your Security Standpoint

Identifies signatures and anomalies, integrated playbooks, 24*7 Live Monitoring, Executive Reports.
aiRaptor XDR supports all types of agents including Linux,Windows and MAC to gain complete endpoint visibility.
aiRaptor XDR is capable of identifying malwares, ransomwares, APTs,etc using advanced correlation engines and AI/ML.
Get automated response from integrated playbooks and deep-dive RCA and Remediation by our certified forensic experts.


Comprehensive Cybersecurity Platform for Digital-Era)


aiRaptor XDR

Automated Threat Detection with Real-time Processing

Advanced Correlation with Contextual Enrichment and Al based Actionable Intelligence

Network Behavior Anomaly Detection

Machine Learning based User Entity Behavior Analytics

Automated and Semi-Automated Remediation

Visualization, Alerts, Notification and Incident Management

Threat Hunting and MITRE ATT&CK Framework

Log Collection, Retention and Forensics

Administration and Provisioning (Controls, Blacklist/Whitelist, Configuration, Cloud Config, Asset Discovery, MFA, Encryption)

Continuous Compliance, Audit and Reporting


Endpoint Detection and Response


Get the highest level of protection with an
end-to-end security detection and response led by the industry’s top analysts.

Multiple Technologies
We are experts in various cutting edge Tools and Platforms (Splunk, Logrhythm, Arcsight, Elastisiem, etc)
14+ Certified SOC Analysts
(Security+, CySA+, CHFI, GCFA, GCIH, CISSP)
24 x 7 x 365
(Always running Global SOC)

Are you ready for the next Ransomware Threat?
Get Total Protection today!

Hear from our happy clients.

Get the highest level of protection!

Continuous monitoring and response. With 24/7 threat hunting and intelligence

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