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Trust Technivorus to provide immediate, effective, and robust Digital Forensics and Incident Response. We have highly experienced and certified Incident handlers and a fully stacked forensics toolkit including tools like FTK, Encase, Oxygen Forensics, etc (Available 24*7)

Prepare for, Respond to, and Resolve Security Incidents Effectively.

The rapid pace of digitalization is increasing cyber risks. Organizations that rely on digital systems for data generation and processing are increasingly vulnerable to advanced persistent threats (APT) and ransomware attacks.

Since on-premise infrastructure is gradually being replaced by cloud infrastructure, there is a need for advanced digital forensics capabilities for both on-premise and cloud environments, which would complement security operations to detect, analyze, and respond to incidents, while mitigation and recovery activities occur concurrently. Technivorus’s Digital Forensics Service assists in the faster detection of malware and the long-term development of fortifying controls to withstand unknown and undefined future incidents.

Digital Forensic Consultation

Service Offerings

Helping Clients Who Have Fallen Victim to Cybercrime and Digital Fraud with Evidence Preservation and Asset Recovery.

IT Forensics
IT infrastructure hacking and data leak; Employee misuse of internet, intranet, and devices; Criminal fraud cases; Unauthorised transfer or removal of information; Intellectual property theft; Suspected industry espionage.
Computer Forensics
Investigations; Data Recovery; Workplace and Fraud Investigation; Intellectual Property Theft, Computer Hacking Investigations; Expert Witnesses; Authentication of Files; IT Control and Audit.
Forensic Data Analysis
Network Forensics; Memory Forensics; Email Forensics; Malware Analysis; Mobile Phone Forensic Analysis.
Mobile Phone Forensics
Mobile SIM Card Forensics; Mobile Memory Card Forensics; Enhanced Mobile Data Forensics; Deleted Data Access.
Cyber Crime and Digital Forensics
Extortion, fraud, and phishing attempts; Hacking operations; Illicit distribution; Insider activity; Malware; Network attack inc denial of service; Network intrusion; Unauthorised access.

How We Work?

A comprehensive set of capabilities that identify gaps in the existing security infrastructure and help
businesses predict, detect, and mitigate security incidents.


Identifying and classifying an event based on indicators. Primary aim was to become niche requirement provider up beating market competitions

Formulating tools, management support, authorization surveillance.

 Preserving the evidence so that it is admissible in the court of law

Using standardized and accepted procedures, collect physical evidence as well as identical digital evidence.

Determine significance, restructure data fragments, and draw conclusions based on evidence gathered. To support a crime theory, several duplications and analyses may be required.

Summarize and provide a report of findings. Ensure that physical and digital assets are returned to their rightful owners, as well as define how and what criminal evidence must be removed.

Key Highlights

Core knowledge areas and capabilities used to perform an investigation include
Certified Specialists

Certified specialists

Technivorus’s large pool of certified digital forensic specialists provides consistent and continuous support throughout the incident management lifecycle.



We understand the need to keep forensic services costs under control. Our approach is proportionate and adaptable, allowing us to meet the needs of those who instruct us without regard for cost.
Retainer Benefits

Retainer Benefits

Keep our expert Incident and Forensic handlers on a retainer so you don’t need to go anywhere else when you face an incident. Also, get prioritized support and 6 hours of free consultation every month.

Tools We Use

Support tools we use to help your organization prevent — and mitigate — the damage caused by ransomware
Malware Forensics
Helix3, OSForensics, HxEditor Pro, FTK Pro, PeStudio Pro, etc.
Memory Forensics
Belkasoft Evidence Center X, Magnet IEF, X-Ways Forensics.
Database Forensics
Paraben Suite, OSForensics, Passwarekit, Elcomsoft Premium Forensic Bundle.
Network Forensics
Xplico, Wireshark, Network Miner, and NetForensics 3.0
Disk Forensics
EnCase, FTK Toolkit, Helix Pro, PassMark OSForensics, and X-Ways Forensics
Mobile Forensics
MOBILedit Forensic, Oxygen Forensics (Software Version), Paraben Suite.
Email forensics
eMailTrackerPro, MailPro+, Paraben Suite and MailXaminer
Cloud Forensics
Cloud-native Forensics covering AWS, Azure, and Private clouds

Prepare for, respond to, and resolve. security incidents effectively

Cyber Forensics Services
Tata Technologies
USB Digi Cloud

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