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What is Server Security Testing

Technivorus Server Security Testing and web application infiltration testing reveals weaknesses in applications, guarantees your application hazards are limited and benchmarks your product code for expanded quality affirmation. Our Server Security Testing administrations across various industry verticals and ventures guarantee their digital wellbeing, prompting a strong brand picture and customer maintenance. A couple of differentiators of our dynamic application server security testing administrations are

  • Restrictive IP-drove testing administrations and stage – BlueSwan
  • Guaranteed moral programmers, Hacker Eye View, organized testing approaches, and zero-day weaknesses check
  • Web application security testing, portable application security testing, administrative and consistency, and static code investigation
  • Aptitude in nosy tests (DoS, DDoS, and so forth)

Server Security Testing Dashboard

Technivorus Security Testing Dashboard comprises of an exhaustive report, delineating the weaknesses found during the cycle alongside extra data, for example, screen captures and proliferation steps to encourage simplicity of comprehension. The weaknesses identified are scored regarding industry-standard CVSS 3.0 system. Read More
This extensive report contains a leader synopsis report for top administration and specialized panel to feature the security stance of use alongside the definite weakness report that incorporates weakness subtleties and potential suggestions pointed towards relief. Read More
The Server Security Assessment report of uses is separated into various segments to encourage simple meaningfulness. Reports start with a chief detach to encourage simple reference of evaluation discoveries for leader the board and have a leader outline giving a summed up perspective on the general security stance of the application surveyed. Clients can sort out by and large security pose dependent on the test outcomes. This part likewise records a tally of weaknesses by their score and seriousness.Read More

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