Zero Trust Data

One Platform to secure your Network(typewriter), Endpoints, Servers, APIs, Cloud Firewall, Anti-APT, VPN, NAC, Virtual Patching, PIM/PAM, IDAM, HIPS All-in-one.

It's time to shift from
"Trust but Verify" to
"Don't Trust, Always Verify."

Next-gen Zero Trust Secure Shield.
for Enterprise systems, Cloud, and IoT

Today’s rapidly evolving IT landscape creates complex demands that require a new approach to Cybersecurity. Existing approaches to identity and security architectures are insufficient to meet today’s changing demands and have been rendered ineffective in the new hybrid Digital environment.

Don’t be concerned! Technivorus’s Zero Trust service provides integrated cybersecurity solutions for today’s hybrid enterprise-IT environments. Our solution uses Blockchain-based digital signatures, not just IP addresses, to identify, authenticate, and authorize devices, making it well suited for today’s distributed and hybrid enterprise IT ecosystems, Smart City, Industry 4.0, and 5G security use cases. (**All communications are protected by 4096-bit RSA encryption.)unauthorized access.

Zero Trust Network Security

Key Capabilities

One Tool Which Can Replace Firewall, Anti-APT, VPN, NAC, Virtual Patching, PIM/PAM, IDAM, HIPS

Features / Technologies

Zero Trust Secure Shield

Server Invisibility

Endpoint Identification / Authorisation

Vulnerability Protection

Zero-day vulnerability protection

Protection from Unknown Vulnerabilities

Zero trust framework

Privileged Identity Protection

Multi-Factor authentication

Server to Server Access Protection


Dynamic Anytime Anywhere Access

Encrypted Access

Hybrid Infra Support

Tamper Proof Logs

Single Pane visibility

Why Choose Us?

Helping enterprises consolidate their cybersecurity investments while enabling them to implement Zero Trust principles throughout the organization.

Single Access Fabric across Enterprise, Cloud & IoT
Integration with Enterprise monitoring systems
Restrict Ransomware Propagation
Reduced Attack Surface
End to End Encryption

Next-gen Zero Trust Secure Shield for Enterprise systems, Cloud, and IoT.

Zero Trust Data Security Solution
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Zero Trust - Simplified

Enable your users connected to the corporate network or on the go, to safely
access your applications hosted in your Data Centre or in the Cloud.

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